Our Mission

We are an exceptionally passionate team of individuals who leverage on a single goal and objective: to develop, educate and create awareness about cybersecurity and online privacy.

We currently live in the digital or information age (21st century) where previous ways of interacting with one another and communicating ideas have become obsolete as the internet and cyberculture have taken over. At school, at work, at home, how we communicate publicly or privately with each other, etc. All these make the internet a significant aspect of our daily lives.

Irrespective of our location in today’s world, the internet-a large network which connects computers in every part of the world has tremendously changed how we communicate, send, and receive information. Although the internet is, without doubt, the fastest means to connect with people anywhere in the world, unfortunately, it isn’t the safest. Information mishandling, location tracking, and snooping are mostly the means by which internet users discover that their privacy is violated online.

Nevertheless, the issue of privacy violation and infringement is becoming rampant and worrisome; and so is our increasing resolve and need to guide ourselves against online privacy violations. Sadly, many people are treating these issues with kid gloves while others aren’t aware of it at all.

We Are Protecting You

For this single reason and purpose to keep every internet user safe, it is our mission to protect you and every other internet user always. In addition, we urged everyone to exercise caution when carrot any internet activity as the internet has changed how we interact, exchange important data and information, and do business around the world. Hence, the need to protect every resource we have against online theft, fraud, wired surveillance, and other online damages.

We Want To Keep You Safe Online Always

With our passion for cybersecurity and privacy, our goal is to ensure every individual with access to the internet communicates and accesses information without any fear of fraud and information theft. Our website includes the latest news on cybersecurity, great deals on software, product reviews, and discounts.

We Have All The Tools And Information You Need

We work round the clock to ensure our website content is recent and up-to-date on cybersecurity and privacy. Our articles published on our website are comprehensive and understandable. We accept requests to publish content relating to our services.

We take honor and pride in carrying out research on these topics to further educate you. Hence, if there is a topic that you want to help with, contact us; and will ensure you have access to relevant information and content that will make your activity online safe, irrespective of where you are connected in the world your home, office, school, and public Wi-Fi.

Your Safety, Our Passion

We enjoy tech and cybersecurity and so we put in our best to ensure you get unbiased and honest product reviews on products relating to tech and cybersecurity for your safety. Our evaluations and product reviews are in accordance with real-time user experience to enable produce authentic content and reviews. We are aware that to become successful, we must be honest and transparent in providing content that is beneficial to our clients.

We are also aware that not all readers are technologically savvy. Therefore, our experienced and professional writers always provide quality web content that specifically meets your online-security needs. We are focused on developing a system of writing that makes technical language comprehension and understanding, whether you are technically inclined or not.

We Evaluate and Rate All product Reviews On Our Website

We ensure all product reviews published by us include their advantages and disadvantages. Our content considers our clients and users first because they deserve the truth and authenticity of every product review. We also include the products’ features, their benefits, technical specifications, how the products work, and the steps to be taken to operate each product.

Our goal is to ensure that readers are rightly informed when purchasing any products or services online.

Let Us Know Your Concern

We also support and encourage our readers and clients to provide us with feedback, comments, and compliments on our product reviews and other services we provide. This helps us to improve our quality of work and maintain the standard required for providing essential and up-to-date security and privacy content.

We Don’t Allow Paid Advertisement

We don’t accept paid adverts. This contravenes our company’s vision, mission, and policy. We will never compromise our integrity and standards to provide unbiased content and reviews of services and products on our website. Hence, we are committed to always providing honest product reviews and assessments that are beneficial to our readers.